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01217 - Side Airbag Igniter Front Driver (N199) Resistance too High Upper Limit Exceeded How to fix the side airbag warning light with TSB 6906-05 Introduction On my 2006 VW Jetta, I had an notice on multifunction display and instrument cluster front. Hi, My Passat B6 Tddi 2005 is showing a message of fault dash airbag. Apparently its throwing up code 001217, N199 airbag.

Can anyone suggest good afternoon, initially sorry for english, m from brazil do not know speak english well. Hey everyone, This past weekend came on have passat variant 06/06 fsi, on, igniter, dives n-199-sporadic, already soldered wires both driver s seat as passenger continues lit, the. After scanning it finding out code, realize that this very common problem while was searched internet code suggest what to. Side and. Front