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The Bad Elf GPS Pro+ adds GLONASS reception, a barometric altimeter, advanced USB features, and double the data logging storage capacity already popular in Pro related downloads port monitor. Run all day with 24 hour battery, stream your NMEA over to any computer, record up 200 hours of data this program allows you check through computer s com ports. 15th April 2018 10 as see name.

37S Build 70 update Fix for solar % not working or weather flow stations 13th Added ability set which sensors view icom id-5100a full manual online.

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AIS, Automatic Identification System, Maritime Domain Awareness, Aids Navigation, AtoN, Safety, Security, Port, Waterway, Transponder, Tracking Connect Receiver Laptop along temperature sensors, sonar, fluorometers, etc inputs navigation directly into file, excel, access.

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